"Out of the Darkness, Into the Light" - UMAMI Burger, Anaheim, CA

Two 12ft x 7ft wall murals and matching 52" diameter chandeliers were commissioned by Los Angeles based, Umami Restaurant Group. The pieces are composed of over 400, circa-1929 California license plates that were excavated from the actual restaurant site in Anaheim, California, which was once home to a Packard auto dealership. The installation speaks to the owner's desire to utilize only natural and recycled materials, to honor the buildings history and to uniquely serve the revitalization efforts in historic downtown Anaheim.

"Out of the Darkness, Into the Light" was on public display in Boulder, CO from April 15th - April 30th. On May 9th, 2012, the plates were sent back to where they came from. Returning not as a buried mass of surplus steel, but to live on as the illuminated backdrop of Umami Anaheim.

In November 2012, the installation received the Julie Mayer Award, the highest honor presented by the Anaheim Arts Council for Art in Public Places.

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Dish Gourmet - Boulder, CO

The gravy boat/cultivator pendants were designed specifically for the space above the counter at Dish Gourmet. The owner wanted matching fixtures that incorporated weathered items paired up with kitchenware.

(w:9” h:13” d:8”)

Water Grill - Los Angeles, CA

As part of the renovation of Los Angeles seafood institution, Water Grill, his set of four matching nautical-themed fixtures accompany the focal point of the space; a 30 foot ocean mural and collection of vintage fishing rods. They are made from authentic glass fishing floats and fabricated bases.
(w:14” h:16” d:14”)

UMAMIcatessen - Los Angeles, CA

Afterglow was contacted by Los Angeles-based, The Umami Restaurant Group to enhance the atmosphere of their new dining concept, UMAMIcatessen. Twenty eight fixtures in all, eight pendants assembled from stamped aluminum scraps, oil funnels and obsolete hand tools were suspended above the bar. Ten vintage milk crates and their original 8oz bottles were arranged in two groups of five and stacked as columns behind two of the four food kiosks. And finally, ten retrofitted antique stage light housings acquired from the adjoining Orpheum Theater were hung from ceiling struts in the brand new 7500sq ft space in downtown Los Angeles.

Made Movement - Corporate office, Boulder, CO

A set of 1950's steel dairy milk crates and their original half gallon glass bottles have been repurposed to illuminate the conference room of Made Movement's Boulder office. The set hangs from a fabricated power strip that leads to a wall-mounted junction box. A fixture of its own, the antique steel first aid box houses two internal bulbs diffused by he taillights of a '51 Chevy pickup.
(w:62” h:50” d:14”)

"Heirloom-inescent" - Private Residence, Boulder, CO

This chandelier was made from both the clients' unused heirloom silverware and assorted, matching antiques. Two main goals of the project were to build proportionate to the room space and to design a fixture that was industrial and equally whimsical.
(w:50” h:32” d:32”)

Hullabalu - Corporate office, New York, NY

A set of 1950's steel dairy milk crates and their original half gallon glass bottles have been repurposed to illuminate the communal workspace of Hullabalu's NYC office.
(w:62” h:24” d:14”)

(w:96” h:54” d:36”)

"Braidy Bunch"

A larger version of a previous design, this chandelier is also built from a cast iron hay trolley, snakes and knots of braided steel cable and a collection of small tricycle wheels.
(w:38” h:28” d:24”)

"Chucked Wagon"

An antique "Town and Country" wagon has been repurposed into a coffee table and illuminated by 12 bulbs disguised amongst an array of 75 pint-sized milk bottles.
(w:44” h:19” d:15”)


Commissioned by an antiques dealer, this hobby horse was outfitted with replica wrinkled glass carnival bulbs and reassembled into a more 'animated' position.
(w:36” h:40” d:20”)

"Sunday Side Up"

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“Light Fare”

A one-of-a-kind chandelier assembled from a dizzying assortment of kitchen utensils, candy dishes, vases, tins and silverware affixed to an antique clay shovel.
(w:18” h:66” d:18”)

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"Turning Three"

Built to stir childrens' imaginations, a vintage tricycle was used as the hub for a whimsical chandelier that was briefly displayed above a youth library lounge.
(w:72” h:68” d:70”)

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“Kitchen Kit”

Constructed from assorted kitchen utensils and glassware housed and branching out from a steel box, this piece is part of a set of three (yet to be built). It is inspired by playful, story-telling dioramas I used to make in elementary school.
(w:12” h:14” d:7”)

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Assembled from an electric rectifier, compression springs and an assortment of different bulbs, this piece operated by a central panel containing 5 dimmers that control electricity to over 45 light bulbs. This piece was designed to showcase a city of filaments glowing at their lowest wattage, but engineered to handle all of them at full power.
(w:19” h:22” d:10”)

“Sea Legs”

Handsomely weathered , this piece resembles that of a victorian era scientific device. Constructed from a telephone ringer box, brass horn, tincture bottles and a vase, dimming is controlled by fitted faucet handle at its base.
(w:6” h:16” d:5”)


Perched atop an antique tin mold, a stamp rack now displays a carousel of bulbs. Braided rayon wire spirals through its center and leads a dimmer that's operated by a dashboard toggle knob at its base.

{image 30}

"White Lightning"

Years of storage and neglect brought to light. A water feeder frame and moonshine jug are illuminated by one eleven inch bulb and operated by a dimmer retrofitted with a faucet handle.
(w:8” h:15” d:8”)

“Twinkle Toes”
(w:35” h:8” d:8”)

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A heating elements' intricate towers of snaking coil springs are illuminated by showcase bulbs. Additional porcelain insulators have been retrofitted as feet and the aluminum base houses a full range dimmer.
(w:8” h:9” d:3.5”)


Created from the severed remnants of a 1940’s Packard hood and its iconic swan ornament, this piece is designed to cast light below and has dimming controls where the hood latch once was.
(w:39.5” h:10.5” d:10.5”)


This ornate and carefully arranged set of wooden shoe forms are attached to an 18th century belt pulley wheel and hung by chains equally as old.
(w:18" h:18" d:18")

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A see-through piece assembled entirely from assorted glassware and braided wire. Chrome tipped bulbs were chosen to fire light back into the facets of glass, illuminating the intricate details often overlooked. Dimmer controls are housed within an accompanying glass egg.
(w:15” h:15” d:15”)

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“Rush of the Mill”

Handcrafted from an hay trolley, rusty bicycle wheels and braided steel wire, this outdoor piece was built quickly for a party who lived in an 18th century PA sawmill.
(w:22” h:24 d:12”)

“Skeleton Keys”

Created from a camping toaster, Christmas tree stand and skeleton keys, this assembly of dark iron casts an ominous amber glow, projecting filament patterns through its vents.
(w:6” h:8” d:6”)

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“Half Pint”

Built from cases of milk bottles, each unit is hung at an angle just above eye level, inviting curious eyes to process 160 ounces of light.
(w:12” h:20” d:16”)


Arranged from milking teat cups, a wooden box and rusty bed springs, this creation also features a bulb under its base, illuminating the surface it sits on. It also features a dimmer operated by a faucet knob.
(w:14" h:18" d:5")


Hand made from a glass jug, an assortment of medicine bottles, and a coffee grinder, this piece is a container of containers. It’s controlled by a dimmer and custom knob on its base.
(w:7" h: 14" d:7")

“Rack of Lamp”

Arranged within a steel yarn rack, 10 frosted Ball Mason Jars are individually lit and stacked at opposing angles. The wiring is bundled and tied almost invisibly along the frame of the rack. Dimmer controls are housed within two merged teat cups at the base.
(w:14.5" h: 29" d: 9")


Created from a brass pitcher and matching set of cups, this free-flowing design was inspired by Indian culture and can also be hung upside-down as a chandelier. Table-top control is built into the body via a dimmer, mounted just below the pitcher handle.
(w:20" h:26" d:18")

“Twisted T”

Created from a copper bicycle pump and hand-made shades, the handle swivels from side to side and the piece is operated by a dimmer and knob mounted into the pump body.
(w:8” h:16” d: 4”)


Like a group of singers, these three concoctions of cedar floats, faucets and lantern holders huddle together atop a wooden box. Toggles on the base, made from spare telephone switchboard parts, control each ‘group member’ above.
(w:16" h:15" d:7")


Assembled from a small wooden barrel and hand-made shades created from the seat springs of an old pickup truck, these five trumpets glow warmly above a small inferno; several recessed flicker-flame bulbs set a shallow pool of glass rocks.
(w:16” h:33” d:15”)


The "Glassket" concept is an ongoing series combining containers such as crates, buckets, footlockers and cages and filling them with various aqua and clear glass containers. These bouquets of tightly arranged bottles are illuminated a bright, cool blue from below.
(Avg. w:14” h:22” d:11”)

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“Light Pinch”

This simple and adventurous design series explores the tension between menacing tools and glass vessels.

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Six mismatched seltzer bottles are propped up and illuminated from within. With a 1.5"dia hole cored through their bases, each bottle acts as a 'shade.' Simply slip on/off to change the bulb. Operated by a rotary dimmer disguised as a drawer pull (front center of box).

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“Crank” Series

Assembled from stamped aluminum scraps, oil funnels and obsolete hand tools, the “Crank” series is a line of 35 pendants, each weighing less than 5lbs and hanging from their own cord.
(Avg. w:4” h:15” d4”)

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“Bottle Rockets”

Built from ammunition crates and antique bottles, these miniature, encased skylines of glass are illuminated from within to accentuate the unique features of each vessel.
(approx. w:37" h:12.5" d:9")

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A design inspired by 1950's milk carriers, three quart-sized milk bottles are suspended from a custom fabricated frame.
(w:9” h:13” 9”)

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Hand crafted from a dairy centrifuge, telephone junction box and compression springs, the centrifuge body has been retrofitted with a dimmer and is controlled by the original hand crank.
(w:12” h:12” d:9”)

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“Kettle Lantern”

A personal favorite and one of Afterglow’s most popular recurring creations, a rolling steam pattern is carefully laid out and hundreds of holes are drilled into the surface of a kettle, projecting points of light onto everything within arms length of itself.
(Avg. w:14" h:12" d:9")

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“Tin Pan Alley”

Centered within a rusty baking pan, five (5) dairy teat cups shield bulbs that illuminate years of weathered, neglected and contrasting metal textures.
(w:20” h:8” d:4”)

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In this ongoing series of light fixtures, fiery, flickering bulbs illuminate a bed of glass embers nestled within the cast iron bellies of 19th century coal irons. (avg. w:4" h:11" d:8")

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A vintage bottle capper, retrofitted with a socket and cord, uses an antique, distressed pickle jar as a shade for a single 20 watt bulb. Dimming controls are housed within a small box at its base.
approx. (w:14" h:20" d:4")

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“Pop’s Torch”

Hand crafted from brass kerosene torches, a dimmer has been retrofitted into the original air pump and electricity is controlled by rotating the pump handle clockwise.
(w:9” h:16” d:11”)

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Originally designed for a fireplace mantle, this ongoing series is assembled from an array of glass insulators set into a wooden block. It is intended to be playful and interactive, inviting owners to switch caps around and change bulb colors to suit their mood.
(w:40" h:10" d:4.5")

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“Three Pots”

Originally designed to hang from the inside of a fireplace (off season), it also sits on a table or mantle.
(w:16" h:9" d:9")

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Assembled from stained medicine bottles fastened and backlit against the grate of a large grain sifter, this piece hangs like a giant colorful coin.
(w:24” h:24” d:3”)

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